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The loss of a pet can be overwhelming and difficult.  For everyone who has lost a companion animal, please accept our deepest sympathy. You may still be mourning your absent best friend and question if you will ever feel right again.  The good news is, you are not alone!

Frederick County is an extremely pet friendly community, and among it's many resources, is home to support groups and telephone help for those trying to cope with the loss of a pet. Many of these resources are at little or no charge to Frederick County residents.

We encourage you explore these and other resources, and don't face the greaving process alone.

Mental Health Association

The Mental Health Association provides Counseling Services specializing in many areas including bereavement. They are located at: 226 South Jefferson Street, Frederick, MD 21701, and can be contacted at Ph: 301.663.0011.

Counseling Services appointment requests can be made Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm by calling 301-663-6135. Counseling sessions can be arranged for daytime or evening hours, Monday through Friday. Their website can be found at

City Park Psychological Services, LLC

Dr. Lou A. Lichti, Ph.D., City Park Psychological Services, LLC, offers support goups.  They are located at 209 W. Patrick Street, (Enter through 211, 1st door on right.), Frederick, MD 21701, telephone number (301) 401-2813.

Please email or call 301.401.2813 by the day before to reserve a seat.

Landis Veterinary Home Care

Dr. Lori Landis, DVM, from Landis Veterinary Home Care, offers home hospice and euthanasia services. Please call (301) 371.7166, or email for more information.  Their website can be found at

Other Pet Loss Resources

The Pet Loss Support Page website.
The Village Vet of Urbana Support Page